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Real estate developer ARDC brings new architectural concepts to the Romanian real estate market by creating modern communities with residential projects such as: New Residence Măgurele – a complex completed at the end of 2015, completely sold out; New Residence Ghencea – a residential complex finished in October 2015, 95% sold; and New Residence Village – a neighbourhood of 40 individual houses that will be completed in June 2019, of which 40% is already sold.

To us, every project means turning a residential complex into a perfect home for those who wish to live in a comfort inspired by the specific architecture and finishes of Western European countries.

“We set a goal for ourselves to build the best residential complexes in Bucharest and to maintain our position as A-listers on the market of local real estate developers.”

“Through ARDC projects, our goal is to provide high quality homes for a fair price on the Romanian market, for a better life – in the capital city and not only. We want our projects to bring positive changes to the appearance of Bucharest and its outskirts and we aspire to create happy, peaceful communities.” – Cristian Mercioniu, General Manager.


apartamente construite in Bucuresti si Magurele


case construite in Magurele


spatii comerciale

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Our projects

New Residence Village

New Residence Village

40 case
New Residence Ghencea

New Residence Ghencea

214 apartamente si 14 spatii comerciale
New Residence Magurele

New Residence Magurele

188 apartamente, 12 case si 4 spatii comerciale

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